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What are Solar Shades?

Hello, Internet Readers! I’m Lynne Maxfield- Cole, Interior/Exterior Designer and I’m excited about the response I have received from the AskLynne column. This week, I’d like to focus on how Window Treatments can help save money this summer on your energy bill. It seems many of you are also aware … Continue reading →

What is Home Staging?

Hello, Internet Readers! It’s Lynne Maxfield-Cole here and I’m back to answer more of your great questions. I heard from a couple that are having difficulty selling their house.  For six months, the house has sat virtually unnoticed.  They were hoping I could offer them advice on what they could … Continue reading →

What is Universal Design?

Hello!  My name is Lynne Maxfield-Cole and I have resided in Harrison, Maine for 30 years.  I own and operate a full service interior-decorating design center located in Auburn, Maine called DECORATING PLUS.  I am excited to tell you that this will be the first of a series of articles … Continue reading →